Activating ActiveX

Introduction: More Than Likely your system should be able to be Viewed through Internet Explorer, but there is times where it doesn’t. Most of the time Activating ActiveX is all you need.

In this tutorial i will go over Activating ActiveX. The ActiveX plugin can allow browser receive the video streaming from these IP Devices. If the installation of ActiveX bar doesn’t pop-up, then you need to change three ActiveX controls in your Internet setting of IE.

Note: This will only work for all the Analog Recorder and IP Systems

  1. Run the IE browser, go to “Tools”, then select “Internet Options” to change your ActiveX
  2. Choose the “Security” tab in “Internet Options” menu, then you can change the security setting of IEie-security2
  3. Choose the “Custom Level…” in “Security” tabie-custom-level3
  4. Now you can see the Custom Level shows ActiveX controls and plugins.
  5. For IE 9 or IE 10 users only: For the first option, Allow ActiveX Filtering, select Disableie-disable-4
  6. Download signed ActiveX controls (Should be Prompt)
  7. Download unsigned ActiveX controls (Should be Prompt)
  8. Initialize and script ActiveX controls not Marked as safe for scripting (Should be Prompt)
  9. when done, Click “OK” and exit the Security Settings
  10. For both Internet Explorer(IE10) and IE11, you need to enable the compatible view. Run your IE browser, go to “Tools”, then select “Compatibility View Settings”, it will pop-up a dialogue
  11. Make sure the IP Address of the system is in the “add this Website” space. and Click “add”.ie-camview-add7
  12. You can close the Box, and you are Done!

Daniel Estrada
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