Changing IP Address

Introduction: in this guide we will go through the necessary steps to Change the IP Address of a LuxonVideo product to be view-able through your Local Network.

Note: This will only work for all the Analog Recorder and IP Systems


Setting up your IP Camera

Step 1: first plug your camera into your network switch or router and make sure it has power either through POE or using a power supply. Next, locate the SAPD Tool on LuxonVideo under downloads. Once the installation is done the program should automatically open and list any LuxonVideo devices connected to your network.



Step 2: next you will need to find the Default Gateway for your network. To do this click on the start menu, in the search bar at the bottom type in “

” then press enter. This will bring up the command prompt window. In the command prompt window type “ipconfig” then press enter. This will bring up information such as your IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway. Now, find where it says Default Gateway and you should have a set of numbers listed to the right. Write this down because we will use it here soon. (You can see in the example below our Default Gateway is:, keep in mind that yours may be different, that is okay.)


Step 3: Now that we have the Default Gateway go back to the SADP Tool and select your IP Camera by clicking on it. To the right you should see a “Modify Network Parameters” section. Now type in your Default Gateway address into the field Labeled “IPv4 Gateway”.


Step 4: Next we will need to assign an IP address that corresponds with the Default Gateway. For example, our default gateway is which means the IP can range of numbers as long as it stays within the 192.168.0.x format. Also, keep in mind that you want to make sure the IP address you choose isn’t being used by anything else on your network, choosing a higher number such as 100 and up will usually work fine. Once you have chosen an IP address type it into the “IP Address” field at the top. Next, type in the default password which is 12345 then click the save button. If everything went correctly you will see “Parameters Modification Success”.



Daniel Estrada
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