How do I connect to a camera using the RTSP protocol? For old Lin Series Recorders

Our DVRs are compatible with hundreds of models of IP cameras. If the specific camera that you are using is not on our current list of supported models, you can try using the RTSP protocol.


The RTSP protocol allows the DVR to connect to the direct video feed from IP-based video surveillance cameras. RTSP enabled IP cameras allows users to easily and quickly connect and begin recording video feeds.


To begin configuring our software to connect to an RTSP enabled IP camera, you need the following information:


  • RTSP string used by the manufacturer for the specific model
  • Port number used by the camera to allow RTSP connection (typically 554)
  • Protocol used to connect to RTSP (UDP, TCP, or HTTP)


We often use the following online resource to find RTSP strings that are known to the general public:


If you are unable to find the known string for your specific model in that database or the string listed does not allow you to connect, you can use the string “ rtsp://CameraIPaddress/mpeg4/media.amp”. You will Need to know the IP and the associated port number (port 554 is the most common). After gathering this information you can try to input it into the DVR.


*Note: ip_address = is referring to the IP Address of the IP Camera. (e.g. rtsp://


*The following image is a Windows based example. The screen on a Linux unit will differ slightly.




  • Choose RTSP_RTP from the drop down list next to Protocol.
  • Typically the default Model, Video Format and Channel will not need to be changed.
  • Input the RTSP string you were given by the manufacturer into the IP Camera Site text field.
  • Input the specific RTSP port number into the next text field.
  • Do not select the URL radio button, this is not used.
  • If the camera requires an ID and Password, check the Authentication box and input them.
  • Click Connect and try to establish a connection.


If you are still unable to connect, try adjusting some of the parameters of the camera itself (compression, bit rate, resolution, etc.) The last steps that can be taken to try to connect would be to change the Model from UDP to TCP or HTTP.


If, after taking these steps, you still cannot connect to the camera it is more than likely that it is simply not possible to use the camera with our DVR.

Daniel Estrada
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