The Two Methods to get Luxon New IP Cameras To Work on a Lin Series Recorder

Lin DVRs typically only supports IP cameras that are on our compatibility list; however there are two additional methods to use to try and connect with our DVR. One is by using ONVIF. If the camera itself supports ONVIF then there is a good chance that you will be able to connect to our DVR which supports ONVIF version 2.2.  The other method is by using the RTSP protocol. Contact the manufacturer of the camera and see if they support either of those two methods.


If they do support RTSP (this method usually has more success), then you can use our guide for setting it up here:


If your camera supports RTSP you can go to the following link to get the RTSP URL for your model or contact the camera manufacture. You can enter this RTSP URL in the “IP Camera Site” section of the DVR under Setup > Camera Settings > IP Setting.


If your camera supports ONVIF you can enter the following ONVIF URL in the “IP Camera Site” section of the DVR Setup > Camera Settings > IP Setting.         http://ip_address/onvif/device_service


*Note: ip_address = is referring to the IP Address of the IP Camera. (e.g.


When using either ONVIF or RTSP and you are experiencing problems it is more than likely that the camera will not work with our DVR.


Also, if your required to enter a User ID and Password to login to the UI of the IP Camera using a web browser, you will need to check “Authentication” and enter the ID and Password of the camera when adding the IP Camera.


lin add-find camera menu

Daniel Estrada
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